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Sunday Morning 
(From Left to Right): Anthony, Adam, Lisa, Alex, Ron, Pat, Otto, Chris.


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Saturday morning sunrise breakfast in Springville, an hour from Buffalo.



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Unloading and packing the canoes.



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After packing, the first step is to point the canoes upstream and "ferry" to the opposite bank by paddling into the current with the goal of ending up directly across the river. 



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All of the Scouts have earned Swimming and Canoe Merit Badges before their first wilderness canoe trip.  The moving water of the Clarion River requires some advanced instruction before they encounter their first white water rapids.  Here they play "follow the leader," learning how to navigate the currents by paddling between a series of small islands, behind the Lead Registered Guide, Oren Barris of "Paths, Peaks, & Paddles."



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Saturday Lunch: Peanut butter & jelly pita sandwiches with homemade jam by Barb Barris.



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Saturday Afternoon on the Clarion River



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Setting up camp and preparing the food & cooking fire for Saturday dinner.



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The Registered White Water Canoe Guides from Paths, Peaks, & Paddles



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Leave No Trace litter patrol Sunday morning after breaking camp.  Left: Stick set at river's edge the previous evening indicates how much the river has swelled during the thunder storms that night.



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Oren and Andy suggest routes through the Y Rapids.



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Easy Sunday afternoon paddling below the Z Rapids.


Clarion River X & Y Rapids Videos!

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Featured Video:

Canoe Water Skiing!


The "X Rapids":

Alex & Pat

Bill & Anthony


The "Y Rapids":

Lisa & Ron

Bill & Anthony

Otto & Chris

Alex & Pat


Y Rapids "Side Surfing:"

Otto & Chris







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