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Jeal, Tim; Baden-Powell; 

The only biography that explores in depth all of the complexity of the genius who invented Scouting.   For readers with more than a passing interest in the history of Scouting, this remains the most unrutted and exhaustively comprehensive study of the invention of Scouting ever written. Due to the date of its publication and Jeal's extensive examination of previously unread primary-source documents, it is also well-positioned to examine the inaccuracies contained in all of of the previous conservative and leftist treatments of Baden-Powell.



Scouting For Boys

" He had charm and courage, and a knack with the young, and he could draw excellent freehand illustrations. All these qualities are evident in this best-selling manual of 1908, now cleverly reissued by Oxford University Press. It's one of the very few books of the twentieth century that actually led to the formation of a worldwide movement." Christopher Hitchens




Aids to Scoutmastership

See Online Excerpt: Service for Others 




Ernest Thompson Seton


Sign Talk of the Cheyenne Indians
and Other Cultures

 See Sign Language: Online Indian Sign Language Dictionary




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Backwoods Cooking 




Books & Essays By & About Professor Baden Powell, Father of Lord Baden-Powell


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Dead Bugs, Blow Guns, Sharp Knives, & Snakes:
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