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A Simple Troop Installation

This installation is designed for use in smaller Councils, and especially in Area Councils, where it is often necessary to bring the Scouts who take part in the ceremony from a long distance. There are only two Scouts who must learn their parts word for word and any other Scouts that are available can fill in without any practice. All that is necessary is that the Scouts should be arranged so that these two special Scouts should be in a position to open and close the ceremony of the laws.

Two, three, six, or twelve Scouts can be arranged at a moment's notice. This ceremony has been used over and over again under varied conditions and has proved very satisfactory.

(Table at the front with twelve small candles, not lighted, and a larger one in the center of the group. There should be no light except the one small candle in the room. The Scouts taking part in the ceremony are lined up behind the table. The new Troop, when brought in, is lined up across the front of the table, facing it and the old Scouts).

Scoutmaster of an old Troop or other official: "Friends and fellow Scouts, we are to have the pleasure tonight of welcoming a new Troop into the Scout Movement. Mr. - will you present the new Troop."

(New Troop is brought in and lined up as directed with new Scoutmaster on the right of the line.)

1st Scout in line behind the table: "Fellows, we are here tonight to welcome you into the brotherhood of Scouting. There are over 850,000 of us, brothers, all doing our best to do our duty to God and our Country and to live the Scout Oath and Scout Law. We are trying to prepare ourselves for the duties and obligations that await us in the years to come.

(Picks up lighted candle.) This lighted candle is a symbol. Its flame represents the 'Spirit of Scouting' which must burn in the heart of every true Scout. With this spirit to guide us all things are possible; without it the road is long and dark and difficult to follow. With the 'Spirit of Scouting' I now bring to light the first Scout LawA SCOUT IS TRUSTWORTHY." (He lights the first candle representing the First Scout Law.)

2nd Scout: (Steps forward and takes the tall candle from the 1st Scout and lights the 2nd small candle.) "I bring to light the 2nd Scout Law--A SCOUT IS LOYAL."

3rd Scout: (Steps forward and lights the 3rd candle and so on down the line until the 12th law is reached.)

12th and last Scout: "I bring to light the 12th Scout Law-A SCOUT IS REVERENT. The 'Spirit of Scouting' here tonight has set alight the beacons along the Scout Trail. Take heed, those of you starting out along the road; see to it that the 'Spirit of Scouting' burns ever brightly in your heart so that you may not only find the way but may help those who follow."

(He places the large candle back on the table and steps back to his place in line.)

Scout Official to new Troop: "Are you ready now, before all these Scouts, Scout officials and friends to bind yourselves to follow the Scout Trail by repeating the Scout Oath?"

New Scouts: "Yes, sir."

Scout Official: "Make the Scout Sign. Repeat with me the Scout Oath." New Troop takes the Scout Oath.

Chairman of the Troop Organization Committee now presents the Troop Charter to the new Troop Committee. (He makes a few appropriate remarks.)

The new Troop Committee Chairman then presents the new Scoutmaster with his commission and badge.

The new Scoutmaster proceeds to pin the Tenderfoot pins on the new Scouts, who step forward one pace out of line when their names are called and come to the Scout Salute. One of the old Scouts will hold the membership cards and will call the names from them. He will hand the card to the Scout after the Scoutmaster has pinned on the Tenderfoot pin.

Another old Scout will assist the Scoutmaster with the pins.

The ceremony should close with the Scout Benediction.-John E. Rhodes, Cumberland, Md., in "The Scout Executive."






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