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Troop Good Turns

The thing to aim for in the Good Turn is a definite attitude of mind.

Here is fine team play in service.  There ought  always be a Troop Good Turn "in the mill."  Plan it in your weekly programs and before the one in hand is completed have another ready to undertake.  Here are a few suggestions for Troop Good Turns.

bullet"Cared for an office scrub woman's duties six weeks during an illness, to save her wages."
bullet"Gave food to poor people--Christmas baskets, etc."
bullet"Participated in display of Flags on appropriate Days."
bullet"Participated in patriotic celebrations, meetings, parades, and conventions of a national nature."
bullet"Aided the Red Cross in their nation-wide appeals."
bullet"Cooperated with 'Community Chest' committees."
bullet"Instructed others in the proper methods of displaying The Flag."
bullet"Decorated avenue of trees for Memorial Day parade."
bullet"Recently a great storm blew down a big tree in a widow's yard.  We cut it into fire wood and stacked it in her wood shed for winter."
bullet"Installed a telephone and paid the upkeep for a bed-ridden poor woman--her only communication with the outside world."
bullet"Our Troop assumes full responsibility for the chores of an aged couple, one boy every day and now and then a party cut wood and clean the yard."
bullet"A relay of our Scouts have read to  a sick boy every Saturday afternoon for months."
bullet"Picked up a run-away boy--got funds together to send him home, and got him into a Troop there, where he afterwards became a Patrol Leader."
bullet"Relays of three Scouts helped the janitor on Saturdays at the school building kindly loaned for our Troop Meetings and annual exhibition."
bullet"We maintain three older Scouts whom we loan around to weak Troops, to act as special instructors or as Assistant Scoutmasters until the Troop gets thoroughly onto its own feet."
bullet"A splendid garden was planted and cultivated on the rear end of the church lot and all the vegetables were used for needy families, especially windows."
bullet"Accumulated and operated a circulating library in a poor section because city library was without funds."
bullet"Discovered and reported a moonshine still a mile from town."
bullet"Installed a wireless outfit in a ward in a children's hospital and kept it in repair."
bullet"Thirty Scouts in relays applied artificial respiration to preserve the life of a 16-year-old boy who had broken his neck in a shallow dive, saving his life after hospital internes were exhausted."
bullet"In cooperation with other Troops conducted a city wide rat extermination campaign on a contest basis using daily paper for report of scalps."
bullet"Delivered invitations for church affairs, house to house, as telegrams, handing them personally to someone at the door."
bulletPerhaps there is a boy in your own Troop who cannot afford a uniform because he is putting his earnings into helping a widowed mother or younger children. Providing a uniform should be done without any "noise."
bulletIn relays of one be responsible for getting invalids or blind persons to the doctors each day, or out for air and sunshine.
bulletChurch Good Turns
bulletOne of the surest ways to promote loyalty to the sponsoring institution is to encourage both Troop and individual Good Turns to that institution.  This helps mutual regard and interest.  Here are a few suggestions.  Ever be on the alert to discover new points of contact.
bullet"Graded and concreted church approach and put in coal."
bullet"Troop constructed and presented church with ornamental flower containers."
bullet"Acted as church ushers."
bullet"Executed a creditable plumbing job."
bullet"Planted shrubbery and cared for church grounds."
bullet"Built fires before church services, cut wood and hauled it in, cleaned church each week."
bullet"Assisted Ladies' Aid Society in rummage sale."
bullet"Delivered church posters and announcements."
bullet"Re-enameled trays for Holiness Assembly."
bullet"Carry on a year round campaign collecting and selling old magazines.   Proceeds applied to church debt."
bullet"Built a hand ball court back of the church for our busy dads."
bullet"In full Uniform, waited table on our annual church supper and then did up all the dishes."
bullet"Built and presented to the church neat bulletin boards and blackboards for each of the departments in the Sunday School."
bullet"Bought a new flag for the church and erected a suitable pole and established a color guard for service in connection with it through the year."
bullet"Assisted Near East Relief by collecting four and half tons of clothing and distributing twelve thousand pieces of literature."
bullet"Distributed monthly quarterlies to Home Department members and shut-ins."

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