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(See also: Dan Beard's 18 Games of Tag)

Grouped as follows.  Can be played with or with out boundary lines.

Chain Tag

One man takes "It." First man he tags joins hands and so continue joining hands, forming a chain, until all are caught.

Game can be varied by having a home base and by men not as yet having been tagged breaking the chain, thereby forcing men in chain to run back to home base to be reformed, or suffer being swatted on back.

Turtle Tag or Drop Tag

Men to prevent being tagged must drop on back raising arms and legs from ground.   One man "It" turns around, and if players who have dropped have not instantly turned to feet, the man "It" may boot same until they jump up and run away.  (Note-This prevents men from loafing and makes them get up instantly after dropping to prevent being tagged.)

Number Tag or Spud

All men are numbered, from one up to highest number of men playing.  One of the players tosses ball in air, calling any man's number when it reaches its greatest height.   Man called must recover the ball and hit one of the players.  If he misses, he must run the gauntlet or go through the paddle wheel.  Game continues in same way.

Mount Tag

Player must mount back of another, same as in horse and rider, to prevent being tagged.   Player can jump on any man's back, this making both rider and horse ineligible to being tagged.

Cross Tag

Man "It" takes after player.  Anyone crossing between the runner and man "It" thereby becomes the runner.

Basketball Tag--Second Method

Same as ordinary game of tag, except that man must be tagged with a thrown basketball. (Indoor baseball or volley ball can be used.)

Snatch Tag

Two teams are formed at distance of 30 or 40 feet apart.  Between teams at usual distance is placed a club or handkerchief.  A player from each team runs forward in attempt to snatch the handkerchief.  If the player snatching it is tagged by opponent before he can run back to his starting line, he is eliminated from the game.  This continues until all players of one of the teams are eliminated.

Off Ground Tag

Men, to prevent being tagged, must jump on any object so that feet do not touch ground.

Ostrich Tag

Player to prevent being tagged must raise one knee, placing arm underneath grasping nose.

Mohammedan Tag

Player to prevent being tagged must take the position of a Mohammedan in prayer.

Japanese Tag

A player tagged while "It" must hold his hand on the spot where tagged while attempting to tag another.  For instance, on back, or ankle, or rear of thigh.

Ankle Tag

In order to prevent being tagged, a player must have hold of another's ankle, who in turn must take hold of a third player's ankle, or attempt to get away to prevent being tagged.

"Dizzy Izzy" Tag

Player "It" must point finger to within six inches from ground and turn around three times before attempting to tag another.  The other players cannot run, but must hop away in effort to prevent being tagged.

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