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These programs are numbered merely for convenient reference and not necessarily to indicate sequence.  Not all of them could be carried out under all conditions of winter camping, but may suggest various types of entertainment. 

FIRST NIGHT-6:30-8:30 

6:30-7:30  Whittling Contest.  Pot hooks for the camp, pancake turner, fuzz stick, or camp. Gifts for the folks at home, such as paper knives, book ends, paper weights, etc.
 7:30-7:50  Games-Chewing Gum contest; Hidden Object; Hot Hand.
7:50-8:00  Songs.
8:00-9:20 Story-telling, reading aloud by Scoutmaster or the boys.
8:20-8:30 The Scoutmaster's own period.  Informal talk.  Recommitment to the Scout Oath and Law, etc. 



6:30-7:15  Totem carving; bird feeding stations, etc.
7:15-7:30  Games: Slap Jack. Bird guessing Contest;  Knot Tying Contest.
7:30-7:45  Songs.
7:45-8:15  Reading aloud, story-telling, etc.
8:15-8:30  Talk by Scoutmaster.  Recommitment to Scout Oath.


THIRD EVENING--6:30-8:30

6:30-7:30  Whittling: improvised tools.  Wood carving.  Care of shoes, tools, etc.
7:30-8:15 Impromptu entertainment by boys.  Shadow grafs on tent wall or on paper tacked up by the artist.  Stunt dialogues, recitations, harmonica performance, "whistling, singing, laughing fests."
8:15-8:30 Talk by Scoutmaster, emphasizing some incident of camp and its relation to one of the Scout Laws.  Recommitment to Scout Oath. 



6:30-7:30  Making bob sled, skis, snow shoes. Sorting material collected on nature hike.  Totem carving, other wood carving.
7:15-8:15  Popcorn or roasted apples.  Songs, stories, etc. 
8:15-8:30  Talk by Scoutmaster.  Recommitment to Scout Oath and Law.



6:30-7:00  Handicraft.  Care of Equipment, etc.
7:00-8:00  Indoor Meet. Various forms of the indoor meet have been used for all occasions with great success. The list of events given below are especially good for camp on a stormy day.
bulletShot Put-Use a small dry sponge for shot. 
bulletHammer Throw-Use paper bags blown up with air and a yard of string attached. 
bullet Running Broad Grin-Have all grin as "loudly" as possible. The judges measure the grin with a strip of paper. 
bullet Running High Whistle-The boy who can hold a whistled note the longest with one breath. 
bulletLight Weight Race-Carry lighted candle in one hand and a pail of water in the other. If water is slopped over, or the candle goes out, the contestant is out. 
bulletOne Hundred-Yard Dash-On the end of one hundred inches of string tie candy or a marshmallow.  The race is to gather the string and marshmallow into the mouth without the aid of the hands. 
bulletShot Put-Throwing pebbles into the mouth of a jug. 
bulletEndurance Race-See who can eat four plain, dry soda crackers first and swallow them sufficiently to whistle at the end. 
bulletShot Put-Throw bean bags, sticks, stones, anything, through a rolling hoop. 
bulletOne-Mile Run-Add a column of figures, the total of which will be 5,280. 
bulletLong Glum-The player that can keep from smiling longest while all the others jeer and laugh, wins. 
bulletDiscus Throw-Lie flat on back and throw a slipper over your head with your two feet. 
bulletHigh Jump-Jumping Through Fingers-Hold a stick of wood by placing a forefinger on each end and, without letting go, try to jump over it both forward and backward. You may also jump over your middle fingers, placed together, without touching or separating them with your feet. 
bulletWrestling-Hand Wrestling-Two players face each other feet planted firmly, full stride position, left and right hands grasped.  Each tries to displace the other. One foot moved displaces the player. 
8:00-8:15  Songs. 
8:15-8:30  Talk or story by Scoutmaster.  Recommitment to Scout Oath and Law.

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