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Edited by Betsy Miller

Also Known As: "Line Games"

I would like to take a moment and express my gratitude to all of those persons who have shared their relay game ideas with me. THANK YOU!!!! I have compiled all of the many wonderful ideas and present them here to share with the rest of the Scouters out there in Scouting land who may be planning up-coming events.

My most personal favorites (and the ones that I think we will be using for our Webelo-Ree) are the T-shirt Relay and the one that uses the LARGE cardboard boxes... These two sound like more fun for me to sit back and watch than for the boys to participate in!!! ;) Ahhh... The real truth behind why I am a Scouter...heh heh heh...

For those of you who wondered what the heck the Peanut Butter & Jelly Relay is, I have included it here as well... path da milk, plea-the... <burp>

bulletNAIL-DRIVING RELAY GAME:  Establish a starting line and a location for the stumps to be lined up approximately 20' away. Each stump has a hammer lying beside it and a nail that has been driven into the stump only enough to safely start it. (Safety is a concern of this writer, and for that reason that the nail should be started into the stump well enough to prevent it from flying out and possibly injuring a child when it has been hit by the hammer. It may be a consideration of the facilitators and adults running this event that each 4" nail in the stumps be started to a depth of =BD". All adults or Scouts starting the nails for the next race should wear safety goggles when beginning the nails.) A facilitator is positioned at the starting line to be sure the boys stay behind it. A second facilitator is positioned by the stumps to closely monitor the nails and declare the winning teams. Packs/groups line up in single file ranks behind the starting line. When the facilitator blows the whistle signaling to begin, the first boy runs to the stump, picks up the hammer and takes ONLY ONE SWING at the nail. He then runs back to the line and tags the next boy who runs to the stump, picks up the hammer, and takes ONLY ONE swing at the nail and runs back and tags the next boy, etc., relay style. If a boy misses the nail, he DOES NOT get a second swing, but must instead run back and tag the next boy just as if he had hit the nail. The event continues this way until one group manages to hit the nail all the way flush into the stump and the winner is declared.
bulletANIMAL RELAY GAME:  The players form two lines with equal numbers on each team. The first animal on each team is an animal, the second a different animal. On the word "Go", the first person acts like the animal they represent - run, hop or crawl to a given place and back. The next person then acts like their animal and so on until one team is finished and sting down. Use animals such as kangaroos, bunnies, dogs, cats etc.
bulletBEANBAG RELAY GAMES:  Walk/run/hop with beanbag on head/between knees/between feet.
bulletBALL OF STRING RELAY GAME: The players should be in two teams standing in two circles with a ball of string. The captain holds one end, while the ball is passed rapidly from hand to hand until it is unwound. It is then passed back and rewound.
bulletCAR RELAY GAME:  Have teams line up and each person in the team has a certain action to do. For instance, the first person in each group is a flat tire and hops on one foot; the second person is a broken steering wheel and runs zig-zag; the third person is a rusty transmission and takes three steps forward and two backwards; the fourth person is stuck in reverse and runs backward; the fifth and sixth people are a car with a trailer - one runs behind the other grabbing on.
bulletLEAP FROG: [See: Dan Beard's Collection of Leap Frog Games & Terms.]
bulletOBSTACLE RELAY GAME:  Players run the course from the head of the team to the turning point and back to the head of the team performing along the course of the run three or more stunts, with or without apparatus. The use of hoops, skipping ropes, Indian clubs, mats, low vaulting boxes, basketball hoops, or what-have-you offer an almost endless selection of obstacles.
bulletOVER AND UNDER: Teams assume astride position and all bend over and place their hands on their knees. The rear man of the team is runner No. 1. He must leap frog the first man in front of him, crawl under the legs of the second, leap the third and so on the front of the team.
bulletPAUL REVERE RELAY GAME:  Divide players into teams of 6 -12. Place teams in columns 20 feet or more apart, the back player being the lightest and the most active on the team. On the work "Go" s/he dashes forward and jumps piggy-back on number 2, who dashes forward to #3 and the transfer of the light rider must be made. The rider must not touch the ground. The first team to have their rider reach the beginning of the line wins.
bulletSTUNT RELAY GAME:  In stunt relays, the runners advance to the turning point, stop, perform a stunt and return to tag the next runner on their team. There is no end to the number of stunts that can be performed.
bulletTUNNEL RELAY GAME:  All members in the team stand astride. Runners must first crawl under the legs of all players in the team, run forward to the turning point and return to tag the next man of the team who does the same.
bulletWIGGLE WORM RELAY GAME: Form relay lines. Everyone in each line puts her/his left hand between her/his legs and the person behind, then signals to grab them from behind with their right hand. Then they run at a given signal to the other end of the playing area and back. The first team to return 'intact' wins!
bulletT-SHIRT RELAY GAME:  You have an oversized t-shirt for each team. You have the first person in each team put on the shirt and then have them face the second person in line and have them hold hands (both hands!). Then when you say go the rest of the team pulls the shirt up over the first players head, up his arms, down the next players arms and finally completely on the next player (the shirt will be inside out at this point). Now player two turns to player three and you start again.
bulletCARDBOARD BOX RELAY GAME:  A box about the size that a washer or dryer or dishwasher comes in would do nicely. Cut the top and bottom flaps off and lay the box on its side. Divide each team in half with one half at the starting point and the other half at the finishing point. Boy #1 gets inside the box (which is laying on its side) and crawls so that the box "rolls." When he reaches the finishing point, he crawls out and the first boy at that end crawls in and returns the box to the starting point.
bulletWATER BALLOON RELAY GAME:  (in warm weather) - parent versus child - each race to a bench with a water balloon in hand. Reach the bench. Sit on balloon to pop it. Races back and tags the next teammate.
bulletGETTING DRESSED RELAY GAME: large shirt, pants, gloves, hat, oversized boots/galoshes- The first Scout races to a bag filled with clothing. He puts on articles of clothing over his own clothing then races back to team to undress. The next teammate dresses at the front of the line; races to bag, undresses and fills bag. Races back and tags the third Scout who then has to go to bag to dress =85 and so on.
bulletHALLOWEEN OBSTACLE RELAY GAME:  Paint ping pong balls to look like bloodshot eyeballs. "Race" around obstacles with ball balanced on spoon. Similar to egg relay, except you don't move fast because the wind can take the "eyeball." If it drops, back to the front of the line to start over. Thanks once again to those of you who took the time to share these with me. Betsy Miller, MSN, RN, ASM Troop 321, Tifton, Georgia I used to be a beaver, but I'll always be a child at heart...
bulletPEANUT BUTTER & JELLY RELAY GAME:  All the packs gather around in a VERY LARGE CIRCLE around the roped-off relay area, they each choose two participants who come into the center of the ring. The rules are explained, the whistle is blown, and the event begins. The Scouts must race to the bread table where each picks up a piece of bread then one dashes to the peanut butter station while the other runs to the jelly station. Each covers his bread with the selected condiment. They then race back to their den leader where they smash the sandwich together and offers it to their den leader who begins to eat it. The event is over when the first sandwich is completely eaten and swallowed by the den leader. The best overall time wins. All of sandwich must be swallowed.
bulletIn a rather disgusting (but fun!) version of this we had at summer camp one year, it was actually part of the end of week water carnival. One scout had the sandwich in hand on the beach and ran into the water to the first dock where he'd pass it to the next scout. The sandwich worked its way from scout to scout thru the non-swimmer's/learner's area, the beginner's area, and then a full circuit through the swimmer's area, before making the trip back to the waiting den leader back on the beach (who hoped that the boys would find a way to keep it out of the water -- although the water-logged sandwiches can actually be swallowed more quickly...) Brian Nielsen
bulletOur camp used to do this until the Scouts took to purposefully dousing the sandwich before handing to the leaders to eat. Now the Scouts carry
matches. -Tee

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