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By Dan Beard

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Fig. 265.
Been Playing Jack's Alive.

Having built a small bonfire in some vacant lot, all the boys squat around it like so many Indians about their camp- fire. A cork on the end of a stick is thrust into the blaze and allowed to remain there until it becomes well lighted. Then by using the stick for a handle one of the boys withdraws the cork and, blowing out the flame but leaving the red glowing end of the cork, exclaims

" Jack's Alive!"

and passes it to the next boy to the right. This boy blows the cork to see that the end still glows and repeats the words, " Jack's alive!" as he hands it to his companion at his right.

As the hot end becomes duller the boys pass it with greater haste, each repeating, "Jack's alive," until the time arrives when no amount of blowing will bring to life the dead embers an the cork. Then "Jack is dead," and the boy holding the dead Jack must submit to having the score marked on his face. One black mark only can be made for one dead Jack. The first mark may be on one side of the player's upper lip representing one-half of a mustache.

The cork is then again placed in the fire while the boys sit around and wait for Jack to come to life again. Then the cork is again passed around with the same remarks, until Jack again expires and another lad is decorated with the half of a mustache or a big black eyebrow or a round black dot on his check.

When Jack allows a ruddy red light he is passed along carelessly, but as his light pales it is laughable to see with what haste the boys shout " Jack's alive !" and pass the dying ember on to the next player.







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