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by G. S. Ripley

To prepare for "Capture the Flag" (also known as "Flag Raiding"), even sides are chosen and the flag stations decided upon. Four or five hundred yards apart is far enough if there is good cover. Any farther will result in too much time being wasted before the two parties get together.

Each player on one side has yarn of a certain color tied on the left arm above the elbow, the ends hanging down at the side at least three inches. The other side uses a different color.

Each side go to their respective stations to stick the flag in the ground in the center of a clearing 100 yards wide, and to receive directions from their captain.

The captains divide their men into three groups; scouts, fighters and guards. The guards may not go nearer than 20 paces from their flag, except when it is definitely attacked by the enemy. The scouts supported by the fighters, go out at once to get in touch with the enemy. Any player who loses his yarn or has it taken from him, is out of the game. He may retain, however, the yarns he captured before he was "killed." If a mark is "killed" when he has the flag, he must drop it there.

The object of the game is to get the enemy's flag and plant it at your own station. The first team doing this wins, and the game is over. In case the game is played a long time and no one captures a flag, the director may call "Time," and the side which has lost the least men is the winner.

Capture the Flag Variations

Variation 1: Use yarn on both arms. If one is pulled off that hand must be put in the player's pocket. He is wounded. If both yarns are captured he is dead, and out of the game.

Variation 2: Pull off hats instead of using yarn. One team wears handkerchiefs tied around an arm to distinguish them. It is unfair to use hat cords or to hold the hat on with the hand. If hat is "lost off" the man is out.

Variation 3: Use several small flags and one big one. Small flags count 5 points and the large one the total value of the small ones. Set a time limit and score by points. A flag once captured may not be recaptured, except while being carried to enemy's flag station.

Variation 4: Play the game at night. Tie white neckerchiefs around shoulder of men on one side. The guards may stay within 40 feet of their flags. Use flashlights. To capture a man hold him and say, "One, two, three."

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