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Basket Dance of Woodcraft

As music for this dance, I have used THE DUST OF THE RED WAGON though it is not of the Cochin tribe.

Enter six men, wearing breech clouts and headbands. Each carrie

in his right hand a gourd rattle, in his left a prayer plume (se

Fig. 66), held high in the air. With back-trot step, go one

around circle, softly shaking rattles, and chanting song 8 meas

Line up, facing front, and vigorously tap right foot forward i

time, and continue this while the maidens make their en

trance 6 meas.

Enter six Corn Maidens, dressed simply, and alike except for

tablitas (headdresses) which are of different colors-one white, one

yellow, one red, one blue, one black, and one spotted in various

colors, symbolizing the different colors of the corn grown in the Southwest. Each carries a flat round basket under the right arm. They use the women's step (No. 3 9) , progressing sidewise until they are lined up in front of the men, also facing front 8 meas.

Now the maidens change to the tap step that the men are using,

but do not raise the right foot as high on each tap as do the

men 6 meas.

The maidens now grasp the baskets in both hands, flat side forward.

In time to the music (up and down to each measure), they raise

and lower the baskets from full arms' length to the waist-

line 4 meas. Face right, and continue the same arm movement 4 meas. Face front, and continue the same arm movement 2 meas. Face left, and continue the same arm movement Face the men, and continue the same arm movement 2 meas.

The maidens kneel before the men (who are still tapping in place), 2 meas.

and put baskets on the ground m front of them

They squat back, hands clasped in front on laps 2 meas.

The men wave their prayer plumes over the baskets 2 meas.

The men shake their rattles over the baskets 2 meas.

z meas.


With back-trot step, each man encircles the maiden before hire

still shaking the rattle over her head 3 meas

When he is back in his place, he drops his right hand low, thoug

still shaking the rattle, and waves his prayer plume over th

maiden 3 meas

The maidens pick up the baskets in both hands, holding them flat

side up, as if offering them to the men 2 meas

The men shake the rattles high over the baskets 2 meas

The men again encircle the maidens, shaking their rattles ove

them 2 meas.

When they are back in their places, the maidens rise, hold the

baskets high in air 2 meas.

The maidens pivot to right, r %Z turns, so as to end facing

front 6 meas.

All tap-step again in place 4 meas.

The men now take steps forward, until they are in one line with

the maidens, each to the right of his own maiden 4 meas.

With the back-trot step, all make one circle, and exeunt 6 meas.


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