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by Ernest Seton

Outfit for a Party of Six 
(Camping One Week in Fixed camp)

bullet1 12-foot teepee (if for cold weather), accommodating five or six, not forgetting a storm-cap,
bulletOr, in summer, a 10 x 12 wall tent.
bullet18 x 10 awning for kitchen and dining-room, in hot or wet weather.
bullet5 yards mosquito-bar and some dope for stinging insects.
bullet3 or 4 one-gallon bags of cotton for supplies.
bulletA few medicines and pill-kit or "first aid," including cold cream, vaseline, or talcum powder for sunburn.
bullet1 strong clothes line; ball of cord; ball of twine; ball of strong linen pack-thread.
bulletA sharp hatchet.
bulletSmall crosscut saw.
bulletPacking needles and sewing-kit for repairing clothes.
bulletNails: One lb. of 1 1/2, two lbs. of 2 1/2, two lbs. of 3 1/2, and one lb. of 5-inch.
bulletToilet paper.
bulletWaterproof match-box.
bulletCooking outfit: Either a ready-made, self-nesting "Buzzacot," or
bullet3 cover-kettles, 10-qt., 4-qt., and 2-qt. (riveted, not soldered).
bullet1 frying-pan, with handle and cover.
bullet2 big spoons.
bullet2 wire grills.
bullet1 butcher knife.
bullet1 bucket.
bulletSalt and pepper casters.
bulletCoffee-pot (riveted).
bulletDishcloths and towels.
bulletFolding lantern and supply of candles.
bulletA pocket searchlight.
bulletAnd for each boy, plate, cup, saucer, also knife, fork, and spoon.
bulletAnd such other things as are dictated by previous experience or for use in the games to be played.
bulletBesides which each member has ordinary clothes, with a range, and toilet-bag, also
bulletA rubber blanket.
bullet2 wool blankets.
bullet1 cotton or burlap bed-tick, 2 1/2 x 61/4 ft.
bulletBathing suit.
bulletA pair of "sneaks" or sport shoes.
bulletWoodcraft suit.
bulletFishing tackle, according to choice.
bulletPocket knife.
bulletFood to last six boys one week as follows
bulletAssorted cereals (oatmeal, wheatena, etc.) = 6 lbs.
bulletRice = 2 lbs.
bulletCrackers = 10 lbs.
bulletCocoa = 3 lbs.
bulletTea = 1/2 lb.
bulletCoffee = 3 lbs.
bulletLard = 5 lbs.
bulletSugar = 6 lbs.
bulletCondensed milk = 12 cans
bulletButter = 7 lbs.
bulletEggs = 3 dozen
bulletBacon = 15 lbs.
bulletPreserves (better still, fresh fruit if it can be obtained) = 5 lbs.
bulletPrunes = 3 lbs.
bulletMaple syrup = 3 quarts
bulletCheese 1 lb.
bulletRaisins 3 lbs.
bulletPotatoes = bushel
bulletWhite beans = 3 quarts
bulletCanned corn = 3 cans
bulletFlour = 25 lbs.
bulletBaking-powder = 1 lb.
bulletConcentrated soups = 1/2 lb.
bulletSalt = 2 lbs.
bulletPepper = 1 ounce
bulletSardines = 4 packages
bulletDried beef = 1 lb.
bulletMacaroni = 21bs.
bulletFresh fish and game are pleasant variations, but seem to make little difference in the grocery bill.


There are many styles of small tents on the market; almost any of them answer very well. For those who wish to equip themselves with the latest and best, a 10 x 12-foot wall tent of 10-ounce double-filled army duck, stained or dyed yellow, brown, or dull green, is best. It will accommodate a party of five or six.

For tramping trips, light tents of waterproof silk are made. One large enough for a man weighs only two or three pounds.

Any of the established makers can supply what is needed if they know the size of the party and nature of the outing.

Teepees: See 4-Pole Teepee

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