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Troop Program Timetable


bulletGo over differences in clothing pros and cons of each type. 
bullet Make a list for Cotton, Wool and Polypropylene and put a + or - next to each.  The Scouts could brainstorm these in Patrol meetings.
bulletGo over the Hypothermia and Frostbite Literature.  Scouts could present a skit on signs and symptoms of Hypothermia.
bulletAssign Scouts to look for sources of inexpensive equipment/clothing.  Hints: Thrift Stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army and Attics.
bulletRemind Scouts to bring in the rest of their money next meeting.
bulletRemind Scouts to bring Medical forms to meeting in two weeks.


bulletGo over Nutrition/Cooking section.
bulletAsk patrols to make a menu for one meal in the winter for backpacking. 
bullet Each patrol then presents their menu and explains their choices to the rest of the troop. 
bullet The criteria they should keep in mind are: The time of day as it relates to the type of energy needed  (e.g. Fats at dinner to keep warm all night).  Ease of preparation in winter.  Caloric intake (in other words is there enough food?).
bulletGo over responsibilities of group members.  You could assign Buddies at this time.
bulletMake up duty Roster for the weekend.  2 cooks and 2 cleaners each meal.  Friday dinner to Sunday lunch.
bulletCollect balance of money from Scouts 
bulletMail in with insurance form.


bulletGet an idea of what equipment is still needed by the participants so arrangements can be made with staff. 
bulletLet staff know of arrival time, if Dinner is desired.

Cover Letter

Daniel Webster Council 571 Holt Avenue. 603-625-6431
 Boy Scouts of America Manchester, NH  03103

Dear Unit Leader: 

Thank you for signing up your Troop for the Winter Trek program!  We are looking forward to another successful and sold-out winter season.  All the Troops that participated last year learned quite a bit and had a great time doing it even though there was not much snow.  There will be three trips running each weekend out of our base at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation in Gilmanton Iron Works.

The purpose of this packet is to get your group ready for the program by covering winter camping skills. Enclosed you will find the material to run the three troop meetings prior to your coming to the weekend.  On the next page you will find a program preparation timetable.

You will be called to finalize arrangements for your weekend.  When contacted please inform us of any special medical or dietary situations so that we have ample time to make the necessary arrangements.  Special consideration should be given to people with a history of cold injury or other circulatory impairments. We also require current medical forms for all.  The educational materials enclosed can be reproduced locally and presented to the troop in a variety of ways.  You can present it yourself or give it to your youth leadership to present.  Also included are some activities that should aid in the presentation.

You should plan to arrive on Friday evening sometime between 5 and 7 pm.  Please let me know if you desire dinner on Friday evening.  You must be at H.V.S.R. by 6:00 P.M. if you desire supper.  We will try to be done with clean-up and gear de-issue by 3-4 pm on Sunday afternoon so folks can get home at a reasonable time.  If you want to get an earlier start, just let us know, we're flexible.

We have available all the personal equipment needed to participate in the program with exception of wool sox and wool mittens.  We will provide tarps to sleep under if your unit does not bring troop backpacking tents.  The equipment list on the next page is furnished so that participant can bring their own equipment and try it out.  We reserve the right to limit the use of personal equipment if our staff deems it inadequate.  We encourage participants to bring their own equipment so that they can determine if it's appropriate for winter use.

If you or the parents of your group members have any questions, don't hesitate to call me at the Council Service Center (603)625-6431.


Tom Doherty 
Director, High Adventure Programs

Personal Equipment List

bulletBackpack-Large capacity with provisions for strapping on skis** 
bullet2 Wool hats-Mask type are best. One for sleeping One for day use 
bulletWool Scarf-3 ft. is all that's needed 
bulletHooded wind breaker-tightly woven nylon to repel wind and snow** 
bullet2 Wool sweaters or shirts-large enough to wear over each other and be tucked into pants 
bullet Set wool or polypropylene long underwear* (Duo-fold or cotton waffle weave are not acceptable due to cotton content) Wool tights or nylons are good substitutes 
bullet Insulated hooded parka-Down or fiber filled 
bullet Pair wool pants-Heavy wool if possible 
bullet Pair wind pants-tightly woven nylon to repel wind and snow, sized to go over long underwear and wool pants** 
bullet2 Pair sock liners, light wool or polypropylene 
bullet2 Pair heavy wool socks 
bullet4 Bread bags-vapor barrier socks 
bullet2 Pair glove liners, wool or polypropylene Pair heavy mittens, wool or pile 
bullet2 Pair mitten shells-wind and snow shedding finish such as nylon* 
bullet Pair Snowpac boots with heavy wool felt liners* 
bullet Sleeping bag-rated for winter usage* 
bullet Sleeping pad-isolated such as Insulite* 
bullet Rain jacket & pants-Yes. it rains even in the winter!**


bulletMug-with handle, unbreakable, preferably insulated 
bulletBowl- unbreakable 
bullet Spoon/fork 
bullet Knife, folding only (optional) 


bulletComb, Toothbrush, Can Toothpowder


bulletFlashlight-alkaline batteries, lead acid go dead when cold 
bulletChapstick, Carmex, Blistex, Bonnie Bell or Vaseline. 
bullet 20 ft. Nylon cord-to tie up tarps 
bullet 2 Small candies- Plumber's or emergency type 
bulletWater bottle-Wide mouth with provision to keep inside your clothing 
bullet 7-12 Plastic bags-to keep gear dry and organized 
bulletGrocery sack-with name written on it (for leaving excess in lodge)

* We can supply these items at no additional charge: boots, sleeping bags, sleeping pads.  We also provide skis for everyone.  We have some other items on this list but in a very limited supply.  Please let us know ahead of time what items your troop may need. 

** We have these items available for rent: packs=$5.00, long underwear=$ 1.00 per set, wind breaker=$2.00, wind pants=$2.00, rain gear (tops and bottoms)=$3.00 per set.


Daniel Webster Council Website


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