Boy Pioneers
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Daniel Boone
Appleseed Johnny's Day
Simon Kenton
Simon Girty
Audubon's Day
Form a Boy's Club
Initiation Boy Pioneers

Boy Pioneers
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By Daniel "Dan" Carter Beard


I. Daniel Boone

bulletDaniel Boone Uniform
bulletThe Officers (Ranks)
bulletPioneer Days

II. How To Celebrate Appleseed Johnny's Day

bulletArbor Day Parade & Planting
bulletTally Gun Honors

At the present time it is most imperative that the boys and young people should take an active part in the ceremonies of Arbor Day, because there are wicked and thoughtless men at present engaged in wasting and stealing the forests, with a reckless disregard of the consequences which must follow the destruction of our timber.

III. General Simon Kenton, The Buckskin Knight

bulletHis Day and How to Celebrate it
bulletSimon Kenton, a Boys' Game
bulletBuild a Prairie Schooner
bulletSam Houston Land Boat

IV. Simon Girty, The Renegade

bulletGame of Renegade
bulletHow to build a Pushmobile

V. Audubon's Day

bulletHow to Rig a House-Wagon for Boys

VI. Summer Camping in Town or Country for the Boy Pioneers

VII. How to Form a Boy's Club

bulletBuild a Boys' Club House, or Organize and Erect a Fort for the Sons of Daniel Boone

VIII. A Mandan Council-House and a Backwoods Camp.

bulletA Constitution to Hang on the Wall

IX. How to Make  Wire Kens with Thatched Lipkins and a Bow-Arrow Door

X. How to Have a Circus in the Woods

bulletUse of the School-Boy Vaulting-Pole

XI. Water Fun: 

bulletHints on Swimming
bulletHow to Make A Swimming Hole
bulletHow to Make A Pioneer Water Swing
bulletHow to Make A Wooden Slippery
bulletHow to Make A Bison McClean Elevator

XII. How to Talk the Real American Indian Sign Language as it was used in Boone's Time.

XIII. Novelties for Crockett's Day

bulletHow to Run a Costume Race.
bulletA Leap-Frog Race.
bulletA Wheel Barrow Race.
bulletA Push-Wagon Race.
bulletWoodsmen Tests

XIV. How to Throw a Tomahawk and

bulletMake Targets for Field Tournaments, and
bulletHow To Initiate New Members in Your Club or Fort

XV. How to Handle a Gun

bulletA Lot of Gun Don'ts
bulletGumption for Chumps and Tenderfeet

XVI. Fixing up the Boy's Den, Club-Room, or Fort

bulletHow to Decorate & Paper the Inside of a Shed, Attic, or Stable-Room, & How to  Make Furniture for it

XVII. Shack Racks, Bobber Shelves, & other Wrinkles.

XVIII. Totem-Poles, Totem-Boards, & Totem-Animals for S. D. B. Forts, Camps, or Country Houses.

XIX. How to Make a "Gym" in an Attic, a Boy's Den, Club-Room, or Fort

XX. Winter Sports for Sons of Daniel  Boone

bulletRunning the Indian Scouts
bulletCatching the Raccoon
bulletRunning the Gantlet
bullet"The Goose Hangs High"

XXI. Kit Carson's Day Celebration

bulletSiege of Boones-Borough
bulletSons of Daniel Boone Defend Snow Fort Against Indians
bulletHow to Build Snow Fort
bulletThe Medicine-Stick
bulletThe Game of Big Foot
bulletRules of Game: The Buffalo Hunt
bulletHow to Make Animal Tracks

XXII. How to Make Your Own Snow-Shoes

XXIII. How to Have a Holiday Parade 

XXIV. How to Make & Use Skating Wings 

XXV. How to Build a Pioneer Bob & a Cheap Bob-Sled

The Boy Pioneers

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