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TimberWolf Requirements:
American Edition

Tenderpad Requirements

1. Recite from memory the Timber Wolf Law.  Explain their meaning in your own words.
2. Recite from memory the Timber Wolf Promise.  Explain its meaning in your own words.
3. Recite the Timber Wolf Motto from memory. Explain its meaning in your own words.
4. Demonstrate the Timber Wolf Salute.
5. Show your Cub Master that you know how to do the Grand Howl.
6. Explain the terms DYB and DOB in your own words.
7. Know the story of how Mowgli entered the Pack.
8. Know the story of B-P.
9. Take part in a Pack activity.
10. Be invested as a Timber Wolf


First Star Requirements

1. Know the composition of the American Flag.
2.  Explain the correct way to fly and fold the American Flag.
3. Know the meaning of 5 Native American names for local features or places in your area.
4. Know in a very simple form the legend of St George, the Patron Saint of Scouting.
5. Know, and be able to recognize some State Flags of the USA.
6. Know, and be able to describe your State Bird, Flower and Tree, if it has one.
7. With your Six, sing the first verse of The National Anthem, and demonstrate what to do when it is played or sung.
8. Be able to tie a Square (Reef) Knot, and a Sheet Bend, and know their uses.
9. Take part in a night hike with your Pack
10. Demonstrate good posture by walking upright with good carriage, carrying a solid article (such as a book) on your head without using your hands for a distance of ten meters. Turn around and go back to the start.
11. Know why and how to keep your hands and feet clean, your nails clean and your teeth clean, and why to breathe through your nose. Carry these things out in practice.
12. Be able to tell time by an analogue type clock.
13. Grow one of the following: a bulb, chestnut or acorn in water, peat moss, sand, or soil. Or mustard, cress, peas, or beans on a flannel cloth.
14. Show how to clean a pair of shoes or boots, and fold your clothes neatly.
15. Satisfy your Cub Master that you are doing your best to keep the Pack Den tidy and leave no litter anywhere.
16. Show that you understand the Highway Code and the rules for operating a bicycle in your state.
17. Spend four nights camping (preferably in a cabin in cold climates).
18. Have participated as a Timber Wolf in 3 day hikes.
19. Have at least ten months satisfactory service as a Timber Wolf.
20. Re-pass the Tenderpad Tests (this to be the last test)


Second Star Requirements 

1. Swim 15 meters or, if you can't swim for a valid reason, skip with both feet together 45 times forward, and 45 times backward, you are to turn the rope yourself.
2. Know the Water Safety Code as it applies to swimming and to being a passenger in a boat or canoe.
3. Use a compass to show knowledge of eight principle points of the compass.
4. Be able to tie a Bowline, and a Round turn, and two half hitches. Know their uses.
5. Understand the meaning of THRIFT in all things and be carrying it out in practice. Show evidence of the care of your Timber Wolf Uniform.
6. Make a woggle out of waste material.
7. Produce a satisfactory model or useful article, made entirely by yourself in wood, metal, cardboard, clay, or similar substance; It may also be woven or carved.
8. By yourself, draw eight sketches by yourself of boats, flowers, animals, aircraft, your house, and have your name clearly written on them.
9. Lay and light a fire out of doors. Boil water over it. Make hot chocolate or, tea with it, if you wish. Clean up afterwards to a "leave no trace" standard to the satisfaction of your examiner.
10. Be able to use a public phone, know where and how to ask for help in an emergency.
11. Show how to clean and dress a cut finger and cover a burn or scald.
12. Understand the dangers of dirt in a scratch.
13. Know how to stop a nosebleed.
14. Know the simple treatment for shock (not electric).
15. Understand the importance of getting adult help.
16. Know how to use a triangular bandage, or your neckerchief, as a sling.
17. On an outing observe and point out three different trees, and three birds.
18. On another outing observe three other natural things such as insects, flowers, or fish.
19. Know why and show how to help feed and water birds in the winter.  Build a bird feeder, and keep a record over the winter of the birds that use it.
20. Demonstrate the safe way to use a pocketknife.
21. Know how to safely strike a match and the dangers of playing with matches.
22. Understand the dangers of broken glass, rusty nails, and frayed electrical cords.
23. Know the safe way to plug in and disconnect domestic electrical appliances.
24. Climb a rope or tree to at least three yards (or meters).
25. Identify an area of about half a yard (or meter) diameter on a wall, stand two yards (or meters) away and throw a ball into the area and catch it 8 out of 10 times.
26. Be able to draw, and color your State Flag. Know its history.
27. Have camped as a Timber Wolf at least 10 nights (preferably in a cabin in cold climates).
28. Have participated as a Timber Wolf on at least 6-day hikes, and 3 night hikes.
29 Have at least 24 months satisfactory service as a Timber Wolf.
30. Re-pass the First Star Tests (this to be done last).


Leaping Wolf Requirements

1. Be a two Star Timber Wolf.
2. Hold four of the special Proficiency Badges. On of which must be: Guide, or House Orderly.
3. Have camped as a Timber Wolf no less than 14 nights (preferably in cabins in cold climates).
4. Have participated, as a Timber Wolf, on at least 12 day hikes and 6 night hikes.
5. You must have taken part in a Patrol or Troop activity.
6. Know the Scout Law and Promise.
7. Know the Scout Salute, Sign, and Motto.
8. Know the composition of the American Flag and how to break and fly it.
9. Know the Pathfinder Tenderfoot knots and a common whipping of a rope.
10. You must know the Pathfinder Woodcraft Signs.
11. Hold the Timber Wolf First Aider Badge
12. Be awarded the Leaping Wolf Badge.
This badge will be presented at your Investiture as a Pathfinder, and can be worn on your Pathfinder uniform until you pass the First Class tests.

Timber Wolf Uniform

Timber Wolf Promise, Law, Motto

Pack Calls, Hand Signals, Council Circle

The Investiture of a Tenderpad

Story of Mowgli

 Proficiency Badges:



















Developed by the Training Committee of
The Canadian Federation of Independent Scouts.
Adapted for Use in the United States by
 the Training Committee of The American Federation of Independent Scouts (AFIS) for use by members of Traditional Scouting Associations.
For an overview of Independent Scouting, see the "General Principles" at:
Policy, Organization, and Rules (PO&R)
For Information About the The World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS-NA), Contact:


Issued by order of the WFIS Training Committee for use by members of independent, traditional Scouting associations
WFIS -North America 2000, 2003
This book may be photocopied for Scouting purposes.
 First Edition - 1998
Second Edition - 2002
USA Online Edition - 2003

 Traditional Scouting






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