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INFORMAL GAMES-Miscellaneous

Line Wrestling

Two teams form in line facing each other on opposite sides of marked chalk line.   Men pair off, attempting to pull or force opponent over to his side of line, thereby making him a prisoner.  Continue until one team is eliminated, or can be played on a time limit and team having greater number of prisoners declared winner.

Prisoner's Base

Game played under same rules as you played in childhood days.

Mounted Wrestling

Two couples mount as horse and rider.  One rider attempts to dismount other by pulling or pushing horse assisting rider.

Cavalry Charge

Two teams formed as horses and riders; one team attacking the other, attempting to dismount as many riders as possible of opposing team. After a time limit, whichever team has had the more riders eliminated loses.   A rider unmounted cannot remount, but is eliminated from the game.

Attacking the Fort

Above game may also be played on a time limit, with one attacking the other in a bounded territory.  As soon as riders are dismounted, they and their horses must retreat a distance of 30 feet outside of bounded territory before being able to return to the game.  Whichever team has greater number of mounted men in bounded territory wins the game.

Battle Ball

Two teams form lines short distance apart.  A heavy medicine ball is tossed back and forth in attempt to make catcher of other team miss the ball.  Every man missing is eliminated from the game until one of the teams is declared winner.

Scrimmage Ball

Played with soccer ball, basketball, or light medicine ball.  Players must keep one hand behind back, and can use but one hand on the ball.  Rules otherwise the same as in soccer football.   Playing area adapted to number on a team.

Rope Rush

A long rope, hundred feet or more, is placed an equal distance between two teams.   Opponents rush, attempting to carry as much of rope over opponents' line as possible.  After a time limit, whichever team has greater length over opponents' line wins.

Black and White

Two teams are formed a distance of 30 feet apart.  One team is called "Blacks," the other "Whites."  A stick, white on one side and black on the other, is tossed in the air.  If stick comes up white, the "Whites" try to tag "Blacks" before they can run back of their starting line.  All "Blacks" caught are taken prisoners and then proceed to become "Whites," or vice versa.

Tug of War

Best with rope 1.5 inches in diameter and 20 feet long.  Variations of Tug of War can be used.  For instance, men run to their half of the rope from behind a boundary line. etc.

Trench Attack

Two lines of men form two feet apart.  Behind each line a chalk line is marked about a distance of three feet.  One line attacks, attempting to break through opponents and cross line behind them.  (Men may hold, tackle, or use any method, besides blows, of preventing opponents from crossing their line.)

Angle Worm Race

Team of eight or more players take position in line with long rope or pole between legs, alternately half the players facing forward, the other half backward.

Medley Relay Race

A relay race; first player runs fifty yards forward the next backward, the third sideward, the fourth walks "heel and toe," others continuing in order (Other combinations can be used.)

Three-legged Race

Can be run with two men placing arms about on another's waists and starting forward with inside foot.  If they do not keep step they are disqualified.  Or the two runners can have cords fastening the thigh and ankles together.

Lock-arm Relay Race--(Chariot Race)

The first four players of a team lock arms and run abreast, rounding an object and returning.  Others continue the same way.

Jumble Ball

Field: Large, about size of football field.  Equipment: Three soccer balls, three rugby footballs, three basketballs, and' three volley balls.  Object of game to get majority of balls over opponents' goal line.  Soccer balls can only be dribbled; footballs can only be punted; basketballs can only be thrown, and volley balls can only be batted.  None of the balls may be carried.

Game starts with balls being piled up in center field.  Teams line up behind their respective goal lines.  All start with a rush when signal is given.   Interfering with opponents in possession of ball is allowed.

(see also: Outdoor Games and Wide Games)


Company or class forms in open order.  All players in rows are numbered, or the numbers of men according to number in squads can be used.  The instructor calls a number and gives a sharp military command.  Player who makes a mistake or is slow to execute command has a point scored against his team or squad, whichever it happens to be.

"Kelly Says"

Class forms in open order.  Leader says, "Kelly says 'Arms forward--raise,'" etc.  Occasionally command is given without being preceded with words "Kelly says."  If any obey command in that Instance they are eliminated. Competition can be between teams or military squads.

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