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Patrol Knot-Chief Contest
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bulletAnnual Patrol Contest
bulletPatrol members compete
bulletPreparation in PLC essential 
bullet Chart for each Patrol required

This Scout Way for selecting a Knot Instructor for each Patrol is recommended for new Troops, and as an annual activity for established Troops.


  1. In PLC the Scoutmaster makes sure that all Patrol Leaders know the Tenderfoot knots. He tries to get men - one for each Patrol - such as, Assistant Scoutmasters, Committeemen, or Dads to attend this PLC.
  2. The Troop Scribe makes a Knot Chart for each Patrol.
  3. At home or in Patrol Meetings, the Scouts whip a piece of rope and practice the Tenderfoot knots.

Patrol Leaders (with man or Explorer to help, if possible), conduct this contest in Patrol corners. Before it is started, the Scouts are paired as buddies and instructed to tie the knots just as they will be tied in the contest, thus:

  1. Whip one end of a piece of rope at least y$ inch in diameter.
  2. Tie Square Knot in (neckerchief) triangle bandage as illustrated in Handbook for Boys.
  3. Join a piece of rope to a neckerchief.
  4. Tie Clove Hitch to chair or post.
  5. Tie two Half Hitches around post or rail.
  6. Tie Bowline around waist.

When all Scouts in a Patrol have tied the knots correctly at least once, the Patrol announces it by giving its Patrol Cheer. When all Patrols have cheered, the contest is started.

The Contest

Start by whipping ends of a piece of rope. Thereafter the Patrol Leader calls for any knot he chooses. Scouts receive one point for each correct performance, and the one who completes his whipping or knot first receives one extra point. The Scout who receives the most points in his Patrol is the Patrol Knot Chief, and is in charge of rope work in his Patrol until the next contest.


It will help the judges and add to the fun if each Scout, when he completes a knot, will drop his rope, throw up his hands and yell, "Finished"!

Try to get dads of new Scouts to tie knots at home with their sons.

Use Knot Chiefs at every opportunity. Let them help conduct knot games, train new Scouts and lead rope work in the field and at camp.

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