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By Bob Amick

This is an ever-popular issue. I have attached three forms.  The first form is a permission form used by our troop (troop 72), the second is the Venturing Crew  (formerly Explorer Post) high adventure form used to travel to  our SCUBA diving trip in Cozumel, Mexico with the International travel consent addition. The third is our Klondike Derby district  activity consent/medical form. 

As with any permission/liability/consent form, if there is negligence, the forms will not provide any significant immunity from potential suit.  It is intended more as a method of affirming that the participants and  parents are aware of the nature and possible risks of the activity and how they should prepare to participate in it; and that  should any litigation arise from an unfortunate occurrence during the event, it can be shown that they were so informed and their consent was documented. Please note that on the Venturing SCUBA trip example, with the international travel  consent permission, parental signatures of BOTH parents (if appropriate, even if there is a joint custody with divorced parents) must be notarized to meet regulations for such travel. If only one of the two parents is living it is sometimes necessary to show documentation that said parent is deceased. Getting both parent's signature on all forms is considered a good idea just so there is no misunderstanding, and make sure they keep on copy of the form which they have signed.

DISCLAIMER: The attached forms are reviewed for legal and medical use only by the organizations for which they were developed in Colorado and are intended only as examples or models from which to develop forms appropriate to your needs and local legal/medical requirements. You are therefore cautioned and advised to have any subsequent forms that you might develop (which are based on these examples), reviewed by legal and medical  authorities as well as representatives of your B.S.A. Council, in your area for  any possible revisions that are appropriate for your use and which will  meet statutes and/or regulations appropriate to your area. 

The use of the attached example forms and language contained therein shall not be in any way be construed as legal or medical advice, and the use of any such language is fully at the discretion and subsequent risk of the  individual or organization choosing to implement them as a whole  or in part; moreover no liability or warranty for accuracy or  legal/medical correctness is implied or offered, and therefore none  can be assumed by the authors or organization(s) for which  they were originally designed and developed.

Permission is granted to use the language and format of the forms in total or in part as you see fit and with appropriate changes pertinent to your organization and area.

Please contact me if you have questions.

Bob Amick, Advisor, Venturing Crew/Sea Scout Ship 72, Boulder, CO Longs Peak Council Venturing/Exploring Committee 

Backpack Consent

Klondike Consent

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Backpack Consent ] Klondike Consent ]

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