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bullet   If you have your period use tampons not pads. 
bullet  Pads are made to hold moisture which is just going to chill you faster and be very uncomfortable.
bullet  Tampons can be burned in a campfire, bring small paper bags to put used tampons in, then place in the fire.
bullet  Tampons and applicators can also be packed out, small colored plastic bags work well for disposal. 
bullet  Keep your personal parts clean. 
bullet   Dress properly in layers to avoid overheating. 
bullet   Sweat, combined with poor hygiene make good homes for fungi (yeast infections). 
bullet  Baby wipes work well for personal hygiene (if keep warm, in your pocket)
bullet  For in the middle of the night everyone male or female will have "Pee Bottles,"' for women either a wide mouth bottle works (although splash-back problems can occur), or a simple kitchen funnel can allow for a small mouth bottle to be used.
bulletTampons, can be packed in freezer bags--the extra heavy ziplocs-- and double-bagged until you get home. An aspirin in the inner bag cuts down any odor, and the double-bagging put it away entirely.
bulletFor on-the-trail hygiene, pack a packet of unscented baby butt wipes in a fanny pack--they come 10 to a package in resealable plastic envelopes, not just in those hard little blue tubs.  Ten is enough for about 3-4 days, but YMMV <G>. I throw the used ones into the mesh bag in my pack with my used tee shirts and underwear (assuming I actually get a chance to CHANGE tee shirts and underwear <yuk>) and they dry out odorlessly, oddly enough. Then I casually dispose of them in the nearest trash receptacle and they just look like kleenex. They do not decompose/biodegrade, as they are designed to stay moist a long time (in their packets) without disintegrating, so are not appropriate for burying in LNT areas.






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