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by Ernest Thompson Seton

This is a repeater; that is, climbing two different mountains counts two coups, but climbing the same mountain twice is only one coup.

For Coup under 18

Great Britain

bulletBen Nevis, 4406 feet, highest land in Scotland.
bulletBen Macdhuie, 4296 ft., 2nd highest land in Great Britain.
bulletBen Lawers, 4004 feet.
bulletBen Cruachan, 3689 feet. Snowdon, 3560 feet, highest land in Wales.
bulletBen Wyvis, 3429 feet.
bulletScarfell, 3210 feet, highest land in England.
bulletBen Lomond, 3192 feet, in Scotland.


In Europe

bulletVesuvius, Italy, averages 4,000 feet.
bulletBreithorn, Swiss Alps, 12,399 feet.


In North America

bulletWashington, N. H., 6293 ft.
bulletElectric Peak, Wyo., 11,000 ft.
bulletMt. Wilson, Cal., 6723 ft.
bulletOld Baldy, Cal., 10,142 ft.
bulletSan Bernardino, Cal., 10,106 ft.


Grand coup under 18


In Europe

bulletMt. Blanc, Swiss Alps 15,782 ft.
bulletMonte Rosa, Swiss " 15,214 ft.
bulletMonte Viso, Ital. " 12,609 ft.
bulletMt. Etna, Sicily 12,708 ft.


In North America

bulletPikes Peak,Co1.14,108 ft.
bulletShasta, Cal. 14,308 ft.
bulletAdams, Wash. 12,470 ft.
bulletOr any other mountain over 14,000 ft.


In Asia

bulletFujiyama, Japan, 12,395 ft.
bulletTabor (Olives) 1,690 ft.


Coup for those over 18


In Europe

bulletMt. Blanc, Swiss Alps 15,782 ft.
bulletMonte Rosa, Swiss Alps 15,214 ft.
bulletMonte Viso, Italian Alps 12,609 ft.
bulletEcrins, French Alps 13,482 ft.
bulletGrand Paradis, Italian Alps 13,324 ft.
bulletJungfrau, Swiss Alps 13,699 ft.
bulletFinsteraarhorn, Swiss 14,026 ft.
bulletWesterhorn, Swiss Alps 14,782 ft.
bulletBernina, Swiss Alps 13,304 ft.
bulletOrtler, Austrian Alps 12,802 ft.
bulletGross Glockner, Austrian Alps 12,461 ft.
bulletMatterhorn, from Zermatt 14,782 f t.


In North America

bulletSt. Helena, Wash. 10,000 ft.
bulletAdams, Wash. 12,460 ft.
bulletHood, Oregon 11,225 ft.
bulletShaughnessy, Can.
bulletStephen, Can.
bulletOr any other mountain over 13,000 ft.
bulletOrizaba, Mex. 18,209 ft.
bulletPopocatapetl, Mex. 17,876 ft.


Grand coup for those over 18


In Europe

bulletAig. du Geant, Swiss Alps . . . . . . 13,170 ft.
bulletMeige, French Alps . . . . . . . . . 13,081 ft.
bulletAig. du Grepon . . . . . . . . . 11,489 ft.
bulletMatterhorn (by Italian or Stockje Ridges) . . 14,782 ft.
bulletAig. du Dru, Swiss Alps . . . . . . . 12,320 ft.
bulletDent Blanche, Swiss Alps . . . . . . 14,318 ft.
bulletMischabelhorner, Swiss Alps . . 14,942 ft.
bulletSchreckhorn, Swiss Alps . . 13,386 ft.
bulletMonte di Scerscen, Swiss Alps . . 13,386 ft.
bulletFunffingerspitze, Austrian Alps . . 9,833 ft.
bulletKleine Zinne, Hungary . . 3,153 ft.


In North America

bulletSirDonald,Can. 10,645ft.
bulletLogan, Can. 19,539 ft.
bulletAssiniboine, Can. 11,800 ft.
bulletSt. Elias, Alaska 18,023 ft.
bulletFairweather, Alaska 15,290 ft.
bulletMcKinley, Alaska 20,300 ft.
bulletGrand Teton, Wyo. 13,747 ft.
bulletTacoma,Wash. 14,363 ft.
bulletShasta, Cal. 14,308 ft.
bulletOr any other mountain over 14,000 ft.


In South America



In Asia

bulletAny peak 19,000 ft. high or over.


In Africa

bulletAny peak 15,000 ft. high or over.

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