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____ SCOUT SHIRT & TROOP ACTIVITY "ZIP-OFF" PANTS (100% Nylon, Olive Drab color) Wear them, don't pack!

____ BACKPACK (a real backpack with a waist strap) Line your Pack with a Lawn Bag first, to keep contents dry.

____ SLEEPING BAG (Place a Lawn Bag inside a tough Outer Bag to protect from ripping, stuff (don't roll) sleeping bag into this double bag)


____ 100% POLYPROPYLENE LONG UNDERWEAR, Tops and Bottoms (To keep you warm if everything gets wet).

____ 2 pair HEAVY-DUTY SYNTHETIC or WOOL HIKING SOCKS, No Cotton! (For year-around use.)

____ 2 pair POLYPRO INNER SOCK LINERS, No Cotton! (prevents blisters)

____ STURDY HIKING BOOTS, 1/2 size larger than regular size to fit both inner & outer socks -- see above. ($5 at thrift stores)

____ RAIN SUIT (A Rain Suit has waterproof pants and keeps you drier than a poncho).

____ T-SHIRT, 1 extra pair BRIEFS or BOXERS

____ LONG SLEEVE SHIRT, No Cotton! (Synthetic fiber for good insulating quality and quick drying - $4 at thrift stores)

____ HEAVY WOOL SWEATER, or POLAR FLEECE SWEATSHIRT, No Cotton! ($4 at Thrift Stores)

____ 1 extra pair LONG PANTS, No Cotton! (extra olive-drab Nylon Troop Activity Pants or other non-cotton Pants -- thrift stores)

____ HAT with a brim

____ WATERPROOF "BLUE" TARP -- 5'X7' ($3 Wal-Mart, or other heavy plastic Ground Sheet)

____ 12 LARGE clear plastic LAWN BAGS (Important! To keep your stuff dry!)

____ GOOD QUALITY WHISTLE on neck chain (Do NOT buy a cheap Whistle, Try Eastern Mountain Sports, $3)

____ POCKETKNIFE with cord (Small enough to wear around neck--SMALL Swiss Army Knife, $13.  Never buy a knife made in China!)

____ MESS-KIT (BOWL, CUP, FORK, SPOON, PLATE -- heavy-duty plastic or metal)

____ 2 ONE-QUART WATER BOTTLES, filled (Any STURDY plastic bottle is OK,  best are Wide-Mouth "Nalgene" Bottles, $4)

____ SMALL FLASHLIGHT, & EXTRA BATTERIES (Can be any style, but a headlamp enables use of both hands -- $8 at Wal-Mart)

____ SMALL FIRST AID KIT (You can make your own: BSA Handbook, Page 289).

____ 50 FEET LIGHT NYLON PARACHUTE CORD (50 foot "Camo-Cord," $1.46 at Wal-Mart)

____ COMPASS with a BASEPLATE, in a Zip-Lock bag (with map, if you have one)

____ MATCHES, in a Zip-Lock bag.

____ CLEAN-UP KIT (Small Hand Soap, Small Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Comb, Floss, small Fast-Drying Camp Towel)

____ TOILET PAPER (Half a roll in a Zip-Lock bag).




Remember: Your pack, including  FOOD & TENT,  must  weigh less than 1/3 of your body weight!


____SMALL DOME TENT (WE NEED THEM!) Caution: outer Rain Cover should come all the way down to the ground.

____ COMPRESSION STUFF SACKS (Reduces size of sleeping bag or other bulky things -- Can be home-made)

____ SMALL LIGHTWEIGHT GAS STOVE with FUEL (Gasoline, not propane, not butane-see BSA Handbook, page 253)

____ POTS, PANS, UTENSILS (as needed)

____ WATER FILTER, and/or water treatment chemicals


____ INSECT REPELLENT (non-aerosol)

____ SUN GLASSES (UV-Proof required for winter camping -- prevents snow blindness).

____ SIX or more 2-GALLON HEAVY-DUTY ZIP-LOCK BAGS (To keep your clothes and gear organized and dry.)

____ REPAIR KIT (Small Duct Tape, Needle & Thread, Safety Pins, Batteries, Extra Buckles & Straps, Parts for your Equipment.)

____ OLD WORK GLOVES (For working with trees & tools, and hot pots & pans)

____ SWIMSUIT & LIGHT WATER SHOES (Ask if there will be a place to wade)

____ BANDANNAS (A million uses)

____ FISHING OR BACKPACKING VEST (Best way to be sure that you always have your 10 Essentials and Survival Gear)

____ PEN, PENCIL & PAPER, SMALL POCKET NOTEBOOK (No, you can't borrow ours)

____ OPTIONAL EXTRA SET OF DRY CLOTHES TO LEAVE IN CAR (In an extra bag, with your name on it)

____ EXTRA BAG FOR HEAVY ACCESSORIES (To be left in car!) BSA Handbook, Camera & Film, Magnifying Glass, Nature Identification Books, Binoculars, Duct Tape, Prayer Book or Bible, More Extra Batteries.                                          







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