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Specimen of Scheme for a Rover Scouts' Wide Game


Parties or Companies engaged in game. 

(a) A Crew of Rover Scouts (Grenfell Crew). 

(b) A Party of Surveyors. 

(c) A Posse of Police. 

(d) A Messenger.

All reference letters used will be found on attached map. (See Map V.) 

Sealed Instructions to be handed to Leader of Grenfell Crew at 9:30 a.m. 

It is the intention of the N.E. Lanes County Scout Council to hold a Rover Camp near to the Manchester Pipe Line where it crosses the River Ribble at point A on sketch map. Take your party by the route shown in Rm. 

You are asked to report on your journey view-points of special interest, illustrated with sketches. Buildings of archaeological interest should be noted, as should also any places which you consider would be suitable for Patrol or Troop Camps or over which Wide Games could be played. Your party must reach point A by 10- 15 a.m. S.M.

Sealed Instructions to be handed to Leader of Surveying, Party to be opened at 9:35 a.m. 

As a party of civil engineers you are to proceed by the route marked on accompanying sketch map to point B where it is intended to carry an additional pipe line across the River Ribble. You are expected to give such details in your report as width of river at this point and an approximate sectional sketch showing steepness of banks. 

Employ some of your men in making panoramic sketches looking W., whilst others may be gathering information as to nature of ground and proximity of roads along which materials can be brought. 

Before returning await further instructions. S.M.

Sealed Instructions handed to Officer in charge of Police to be opened at 9:35 a.m. 

Proceed to point F on sketch map and there establish a Police Post. Send out patrols to patrol 200-300 yards in each direction and arrange to call your men in at short notice if necessary. To reach point F follow route shown in BLUE. 

It is feared that some attempt is being made by a party of roughs to do damage in this district, therefore act upon any message bearing my initials. S.M. 

Two Messages addressed to Leader of Grenfell Crew and to Leader of Surveying Party respectively are handed to Messenger, who must deliver No. 1 message to Crew Leader at point X by intercepting the Crew there, and No. 2 message must be delivered immediately afterwards to Surveying party at B. 

No. 1 Message. To be read by Leader to Crew. 

"A party of dynamiters or roughs (disguised as Scouts) are preparing to blow up the Manchester Pipe Line Aqueduct at point A. There is a Scout Police Post at F. Communicate with Chief of Police there at once with a view to getting their assistance to take these roughs into custody. Give this message to the Police Chief and accompany them to point A with the greatest caution. 

"You will identify the roughs by the red bands they wear around their headdress. Take your prisoners to  H.Q. where all must assemble by 11:30 a.m. S.M."

No. 2 Message (to Surveying Party). 

"A gang of roughs (disguised at Scouts) is approaching from point F. It is their intention to dynamite the Aqueduct. Intercept them and take as many into custody as possible. Do not expose yourselves unduly so that you may isolate individual members of the gang and escort them to H.Q. where all must assemble by 11:30 a.m. Wear the red bands with which you have been supplied so that the Police will recognize you should they arrive on the scene. S.M." 

The combined Crew and Police are therefore working at cross-purposes with the surveyors, both sides looking for each other believing them to be the roughs. 

The psychological effect of being on the side of right gives vigor and conscientiousness to the battle which ensues. 

The bluff is ultimately discovered after some captures and all repair to H.Q., where a talk is given on the Romance of a City's Water Supply, giving description of work entailed, length of time taken, cost of undertaking, and number of people or townships supplied with water. The proximity and involving of the Pipe Line in the game gives additional interest to the talk. 

bullet Total time taken: 3 hours. 
bullet The game was duplicated around point Y. 
bullet Total number of Rovers engaged: 120.

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