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Explaination of Abbreviations
I. General Principles
II. General Organization
III. Warrants
IV. County Organisation
V. District Organisation
VI. Group Organization
VII. Uniform
VIII. Badges of Rank
IX. General Rules
X. Decorations & Awards
XI. Miscellaneous
XII. Proficiency Badges
Appendix A.
Appendix B.

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General Scheme

121.      The County is divided into Districts, each of which is in charge of a D.C. with one or more L.As.


122.      The extent and boundaries of Districts are settled by the C.C.  Districts must be confined to such limits that the D.C., or one of his assistants, can have constant personal touch with all L.As., Groups and Scouters, within it.


123.      If the L.A. and D.C. are unable to agree in any case, the matter must be referred to the C.C., who will decide it and report his decision to I.H.Q.



124.      D.Cs. are appointed by I.H.Q., with warrants in accordance with Part III.


125.      The functions of the D.C. in his District are, generally, to be responsible to the C.C. and to I.H.Q. for the welfare and progress of the Movement and for the maintenance of the policy, organisation and rules of the Association, in particular:--

(1.)       To encourage the formation of L.As., Groups, and Old Scout Branches, and to secure their effective working.

(2.)       To secure the harmonious cooperation of all L.As., Groups, and Scouters in the District.

(3.)      With the cooperation as far as possible of the L.A. , to be responsible for the training of Scouters and to supervise the training of all Scouts.

(4.)       To visit Groups and advise how to conduct them on the lines laid down in "Scouting for Boys," the "Wolf Cub's Handbook," "Rovering to Success, " and P.O.R.

(5.)       To test the wearer of any proficiency badge in his knowledge of the subjects, with power to withdraw the badge if the knowledge is insufficient.

(6.)       To deal, as laid down, with all matters allotted to him under P.O.R., and in particular, with:--

Warrants under Part III

Non-executive and Honorary ranks under Rules 155-166, and Old Scouts under Rules 167A-167E and 274B-274E.

Membership of Scouts under Rules 197-200

Decorations and Awards under Part X.

(7.)       To grant at his discretion, camping permits to Scouts and Scouters of his District, and to supervise all camps held in his District, whether by his own or by visiting Scouts or Scouters.

(8.)       To exercise control over all visiting Scouts whether camping or not, and if necessary, to report the circumstances to the C.C., who will thereupon inform the D.C. of the District from which the Scout has come if in the same County, or I.H.Q. if from another County.

(9.)       To combine with his own functions those of the L.A. in any part of his District in which there is no such body.


126.      Where the office of D.C. is vacant, the C.C. will either depute one of the A.D.Cs. or some other Commissioner to act, or will himself perform the duties.

Uniforms and Badges

127.      D.Cs. wear uniform as in Rules 291-292, and badges as in Rules 320-322.



128.      A.D.Cs. are appointed by I.H.Q., with warrants in accordance with Part III.


129.      Such appointments are made for the assistance of the D.C. in the following ways:--

(1.)       For general duties, for the whole District.

(2.)       For general duties, for a specified part of the District.

(3.)       For Special duties, i.e., Cubs, Scouts, Sea Scouts, Rovers, Deep Sea Scouts, Handicapped Scouts.

(4.)       In cases under (2) and (3) the special nature of the appointment is indicated on the warrant.

Uniform and Badges

130.      A.D.Cs. wear uniform as in Rules 291-291, and badges as in Rules 320-322.


131.      The area to be administered by a L.A. is settled by the C.C. in consultation with the D.C.  It may be, but it is not necessarily, coterminous with the D.C's. District, which may include two or more L.As.


132.      (i)      L.As. are registered, and their warrants issued by I.H.Q. at its discretion, on the recommendation of the C.C. in consultation with the D.C.

(ii.)        Three copies of Form A.B. must be completed and signed by the prospective L.A. Secretary and by the D.C.  They are forwarded to I.H.Q. through the County Secretary who signs them as evidence of the approval of the C.C.

(iii.)       After approval of the forms, a warrant for the L.A. is issued by I.H.Q. and sent to the L.A. Secretary.  I.H.Q. retain one copy of Form A.B., and send to the County Secretary the other two, of which one is to be kept with the County records and one to be transmitted to the L.A. Secretary with the warrant for retention with the L.A. records.


133.      L.A. registrations are cancelled, and their warrants withdrawn, by I.H.Q., on the recommendation of the C.C. in consultation with the D.C.


134.      The C.C. has power to suspend any L.A. pending consideration by I.H.Q. of his recommendation for the cancellation of its registration.

135.      During suspension all functions of the L.A. cease and, except in so far as I.H.Q. may direct to the contrary, all Scouters and persons holding Non-executive or honorary rank under the L.A. are automatically suspended with effect as under Rule 80, and similarly all Groups are suspended as under Rules 189-192.


136.      The following are members of the L.A. :--

(1.)       Ex officio.          The President and Vice Presidents, if such appointments are made.  The Chairman, Vice-Chairman (if any), Treasurer and Secretary.  The C.C. and any A.C.Cs. performing duties in the area.  The D.C., and any D.C.Cs. . District Scouters, G.S.Ms., and Scoutmasters, holding warrants in the area.

(2.)       Elected.            Any person, including Scouters not specified in (I), elected by vote at a meeting of the L.A. Such members may be require to pay an annual subscription, but do not require annual re-election.

(3.)       Associate.         Associates with full rights of membership until the next Annual Meeting:--On payment of not less than 1/-, { A Parent of Guardian of a Scout; any Rover or Old Scout who has in either case attained the age of 21.

On payment of not less than 1/-, A parent of guardian of a Scout; any Rover or Old Scout who has in either case attained the age of 21.

On payment of 5/-, Any person.

The L.A. has, however, the right to refuse membership to any person applying under this clause without being under any obligation to state its reasons for such action.

(4.)       Co-opted.          A representative of the Old Scouts in the area and representatives of bodies with which it is desired to maintain co-operation-e.g., Girl Guides, local education authorities, religious bodies, and boys' or other organisations, co-opted by the L.A. until the next Annual Meeting.

Assistant Scoutmasters

137.      Assistant Scoutmasters.            Assistant Scoutmasters are not ex-officio members of the L.A. , but are entitled to attend its meetings and to speak.  Unless members under Rule 136, they may not vote except in the absence of the Scoutmaster, in which case one Assistant may vote in respect of the section concerned.


138.      The functions of the L.A. are as follows:--

(1.)       To safeguard and encourage the progress of the Movement within its area and with the least possible interference with the independence and initiative of the Groups,

(2.)       To deal, as laid down, with all matters allotted to it under P.O.R., and in particular with:--

Warrants under Part III,

Non-executive and Honorary ranks under Rules 155-166, and Old Scouts under Rules 167A-167E and 274B,

Group Registrations under Rules 177-196,

Membership of Scouts under Rules 197-200,

Decorations and Awards under Part X.

(3.)       To supervise Group finance, the appointment of Group Committees in accordance with Rules 202-203, and the establishment of proper trusts of Group property in accordance with Rules 204-206.

(4.)       To be responsible for the grant of all badges and to arrange examinations for proficiency badges.

Annual Meeting

139.      The L.A. will hold its Annual Meeting in October, or as soon as possible thereafter, when the following business is to be transacted:--

(1.)       Election for the ensuing year of office bearers, of members and Chairman of the Executive Committee (if any), and of any standing committees which shall be sub-committees of the Executive Committee (if any).

(2.)       Consideration of all appointments of District Scouters and of persons to hold Honorary rank under Rules 155-166.

(3.)       Election of new members under Rule 136.


140.      (i)         The L.A. will elect a Chairman at the annual meeting each year.

(ii.)        The Chairman may be a Commissioner, but not a Scouter of any other rank unless with the special sanction of I.H.Q.

(iii.)       If desired, during his period in office, the Chairman may be granted Non-executive rank by the L.A. and D.C., in accordance withRules155-157 and 163 and, in addition, with the approval of the C.C., he may rank as an Honorary Commissioner, as in Rule 325.

(iv.)       If granted under (iii), he may wear uniform as in Rule 298, and badge as in Rules 323-324, or, if appointed Honorary Commissioner, as in Rule 325.


141.      (i)         The L.A. will elect a Treasurer at the Annual Meeting each year.

(ii)         If desired, during his period in office, the Treasurer may be granted Non-executive rank by the L.A. and D.C. in accordance with Rules 155-157 and 163.

(iii)        If granted rank under (ii), he may wear uniform as in Rule 298, and badges as in Rules 323-324.


142.      (i)       The L.A. will elect a Secretary at the Annual Meeting each year.

(ii)         I.H.Q. and the County Secretary must be kept informed at all times of the name and address of the L.A. Secretary.

(iii)        If desired, during his period of office, the L.A. Secretary may be granted Non-executive rank by the L.A. and D.C. in accordance with Rules 155-157 and 163.

(iv)        If granted rank under (iii), he may wear uniform as in Rule 298 and badges as in Rules 323-324.

Executive Committee

143.      (i)         An Executive Committee may be appointed at the Annual Meeting each year.

(ii)         The Executive Committee shall consist of:--

Ex-officio members. The ex-officio members of the L.A. , asset out in Rule 136 (1), with the exception of Vice-Presidents and Group Scouters, shall be ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.

Elected Members.  The numbers of elected members must be specified in the bye-laws of the L.A. either by a definite number or by a minimum and maximum.

                        These members are elected by the L.A. , at the annual meeting, but the Executive Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy amongst elected members until the next Annual Meeting.

                        It is important that half of these elected members should be Group Scouters holding warrants in the area, and half lay members.

(iii)        A Chairman and if desired, a Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee (if any) shall be appointed by the L.A. at the Annual Meeting.  Both appointments are subject to the provisions of Rule 140 (ii).

(iv)        A quorum for, and the length of notice of, meetings of the Executive Committee shall be specified in the bye-laws: subject thereto, the Executive Committee shall make its own arrangements for the holding of meetings and for the conduct of business thereat.

144.  The Executive Committee may perform all the functions of the L.A. with the exception of those relating to the adoption or variation of Bye-Laws and those reserved by Rule 138.


145.   (i)       The L.A. may appoint committees to deal with questions connected with Cubs, Scouts, Rovers, finance, badges, and other matters, and secretaries for such committees.

(ii)         Such committees are to be regarded as sub-committees of the Executive Committee, where such exists.

(iii)        Persons may be elected members of such committees although not members of the Executive Committee.

Sea Scout Committee   

146.      (i)         Where there are Sea Scouts or Sea Rovers, or boating is part of the training of Scouts or Rovers, a special committee, which is subject to Rule 145 (ii), must be formed to provide for the issue and observance of necessary rules for the use, condition, and equipment of all vessels and boats, so used, including those privately owned, and for the safety of those using them.

            (ii)         Subject to the approval of any C.C. concerned, a joint committee of this nature may be formed where two or more L.As., even if in different Counties, abut on the same the same piece of water; such joint committee will also co-ordinate and advise upon all Sea Scout work in its waters.

and Local Sea Scout Bye-laws

            (iii)        Sea Scout committees under (i) and (ii), must in particular, provide, and submit to I.H.Q. through the L.A. C.C. for approval, local bye-laws for:--

          The inspection of all boats used in their area, and for approving or disapproving their use with, or without, conditions, approval being given by means of the Boat Certificate.

          Restricting the sail area and the number of persons such boats may carry.

         The provision of air tanks, life belts or other safety devices.

         Ensuring that such vessels or boats when in use shall be properly manned, and in charge of a competent person.

         The proper care and maintenance of any vessels boats allotted to them by I.H.Q., and for observing the conditions attached to such allotment.

Suggested Sea Scout bye-laws will be found in the pamphlet, "Sea Scouting."



147.      (i)         The L.A. must on registration adopt bye-laws in accordance with the Model Form B obtainable from I.H.Q.  Three copies of Form B must be submitted, after approval by the D.C., to I.H.Q. through the County Secretary .  Any alterations in the bye-laws must similarly be submitted.

            (ii)         Local variations of bye-laws will not be sanctioned by I.H.Q. unless good reason can be shown for departure from model form.

148.      The L.A. will raise locally the amount required for working expenses or for helping the Groups within the area.  Subscriptions and donations for this purpose are to be received by the Treasurer of the L.A. and not by any individual Scouter.

149.      The L.A. may require subscriptions from members under Rule 136, and from Groups under Rule 186.


150.      It is important that L.A. property should be vested in trustees under a Deed of Trust of which a working model form is obtainable without charge from I.H.Q.

151.      Where there is no L.A. , the D.C. will combine its functions with his own.



152.      District Scouters, i.e., D.C.M., D.S.M., and D.R.S.L. may be appointed on the recommendation of the L.A. and D.C. with biennial warrants, in accordance with Part III, provided they satisfy respectively the conditions for C.M. or S.M. as in Rules 214 and 233, or for R.S.L. as in Rule 250, with the exception of paragraphs (4) and (5).


153.      The functions of District Scouters are to perform any duties compatible with P.O.R. with which the D.C. may invest the appointment.  The District Scoutmaster will generally take charge of Scouts at a combined meeting or rally, unless the D.C. or A.D.C. wishes to do so.

Uniform and Badges

154.      District Scouters wear uniform as in Rules 291-292, and badges as in Rules 320-332.



155.      The following appointments may be made by the L.A. and D.C., and are known as Non-executive ranks:--

Lady Worker.





In addition, Non-executive rank may be conferred by the L.A. and D.C. on:--

L.A. Chairman, under Rule 140 (iii).

L.A Treasurer, under Rule 141 (ii).

L.A. Secretary, under Rule 142 (iii).

Appointments, etc.

156.      These ranks do not carry warrants, but the procedure to be observed and the precautions to be adopted by the L.A. and D.C., and where occasion arises, by the C.C., in all matters connected therewith and, in particular, in regard to general qualifications, appointment, suspension, and retirement, are the same in every respect except as in the case of District or Group Scouters under Part III, except that:--

(1)        The appointment is concluded locally; if desired, a certificate for this purpose is obtainable on payment from I.H.Q. (Equipment Dept.)

(2)        Notification of appointment or retirement will not be sent to I.H.Q. unless under circumstances adversely affecting the character or efficiency of the person.


157.      In addition to general qualifications as above and the special qualifications laid down for each rank, a person to receive Non-executive rank must be at least 18 years of age.

Lady Worker

158.      The rank of Lady Worker may be conferred as above upon a person who has expert knowledge of any subject necessary for a Scout proficiency badge.


159.      The rank of Instructor may be conferred as above upon a person having expert knowledge of some subject suitable for Scouts, and who has successfully instructed Scouts in the area for at least three months.


160.      (i)         The rank of Examiner may be conferred as above upon a person having expert knowledge of any subject necessary for any Scout proficiency badge.

(ii)         An instructor or a Group Scouter may be appointed an Examiner, but may not examine any Scout he has instructed except in cases which come under Rule 435.


161.      The rank of Chaplain may be conferred as above on a minister of religion, including a lay reader, who acts as Chaplain of a Group.


162.      The rank of surgeon may be conferred as above on a member of the medical profession who gives his services to any body of Scouts.

L.A. Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary

163.      The appointment of the L.A. Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary lies with the L.A. only, but if the holder of such an office is to hold Non-executive rank, the concurrence of the D.C. is necessary, and in certain cases of Chairmen, under Rule 140 (iii), of the C.C.

Uniform and Badges

164.      Persons holding Non-executive rank may wear uniform as in Rule 298, and badges as in Rules 323-324.


Appointment, etc.

165.      The L.A. and D.C. may confer the corresponding Honourary rank on a person ceasing to hold a warrant as a Group Scouter, and not having any other rank as a Scouter in the Movement.

166.      Such rank is open to revision each year on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the L.A. , and the provisions of Rule 156 apply.

Uniform and Badges

167.      Persons holding Honourary rank may wear uniform as in Rule 298 and badges as in Rule 325.


167A.    The L.A. and the D.C. may at their discretion form an Old Scouts Branch of the L.A. ; and similarly may disband such a Branch.

167B.    The following persons are ex-officio members of the Old Scout Branch of the L.A. :--

(1)        Old Scouts registered under Rule 274D by the Old Scout Branch of any Group in the L.A.

(2)        Scouter holding Warrants in the L.A.

(3)        If the L.A. and the D.C. so desire, persons holding Non-executive or Honourary rank in the L.A.

Members Admitted

167C.    The L.A Branch may at its discretion, but subject to the approval of the D.C., admit to membership of the Branch any Old Scout registered by the Branch of another L.A. or of a Group in another L.A.; and similarly may at any time determine the membership of any person so admitted.

Registration of Old Scouts

167D The L.A. Branch may at its discretion, but subject to the approval of the D.C., register annually as an Old Scout any person qualified in accordance with Rules 274G and 274H, who is not already registered by any other Branch whether of L.A. or Group; and similarly may at any time remove the name of any person from its register.

Precautions and Reports

167E.    The Old Scout Branch and the D.C. in taking any decision under Rules 167C and 167D must adopt the precautions required by Rules 72 and 73, and must report to I.H.Q. through the C.C. any case in which it appears it is not desirable that nay person should become or remain a member of the Movement.






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