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Dead Bugs, Blow Guns, Sharp Knives, & Snakes:
What More Could A Boy Want?

Make a Kite








Follow Trail Signs








Build a Teepee







Breathe Under Water







Play Wide Games






Chuck those Chuck Boxes







Rub Two Sticks Together








Win Marbles






Text by Bee







Build a Shelter





Tie Good Knots







Throw an Axe









signcov.jpg (21293 bytes)

"Speak" Indian Sign Language







Take the First Class Journey








Learn Outdoor Skills









Build a Boat 






Learn to Sail








Track & Stalk







Read Indian Pictographs








Spin a Rope:
Throw a Lasso








Fight Armed War Kites 











Know Bends & Hitches









Play Native "Indian" Games













Walk with Sticks









   Get Up in the Air on Stilts








Throw your Voice








Shout with Hands







Mumble the Peg








Dance Like a Native

The Fundamental Steps






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Move through the Night

50 Night Camp Games
Fun Night Activities
Outdoor Camping Skills for Boy Scouts
Getting Started at Night Scouting
Fear of the Dark
Telling Time and Direction by the stars
Night Eyes, Night Ears, and Night Nose
Night Stalking and Night Hiking




Play Outdoor Games

Wide Games
Night Games

Birch Bark Games
Relay Games

Game Leadership

More Outdoor Games




Create a Catapult







Build a Ballista





Play Real Scout Games





Play Nine "New" Ball Games: 

Town Ball
Battle Callie

Corner Ball

Hand Up

Hat Ball

House Ball
House Over
Old Cat

Rolly Poly




Learn Indoor Games

Ernest Seton's "Indoor Games"

Ernest Seton's "Council Games"

Baden-Powell's "Indoor Games"

Ripley's "Indoor Games"

Games for Disabled Boys





Make a Blow Gun









Create a Camp Fire Program

  Campfire Stunts & Skits
  Patrol Yells




Make Pioneering Models






Make Winter Camp











Build a Sled

21 Sled Plans






Build Snowshoes





Play Hoops & Wheels 







Learn Games of Tops








Make a Totem Pole









Spring Activities for Boys

75 Kite Making Plans
11 Marble Games
Making Stilts
Fishing Bait and Psychology
Pet Frogs

Hoops & Wheels
Games of Tops
Covered Wagon Campout
Dan Beard's Classic "Pushmobile"
Covered Wagon Campout




Summer Activities

SCUBA Diving Merit Badge: Monthly Adventure
Outdoor Games

42 Night Games

9 "New" Games of Ball

Choosing Up and Counting Out

Duck on a Rock, Hopscotch for Boys, I Spy,
Jack Candles, Jack Stones, Jack's Alive
Kick the Wicket, Mumbly Peg, SkittlesSpirit Tortoise, Tipcat,

Dead Bugs
3 Forms of Leapfrog

18 Games of Tag



Autumn Activities for Boys

Boys' Ballista

Blowguns (Blow Guns)

Dogs, Elder Guns, Indian Games

Lasso (See also Spin a Rope)
Spring Shot
"Tally-Ho" and Other Cries
Taxidermy For Boys
Thanksgiving Trash Can Turkey --> "Simple" Version




Winter Activities for Boys

Snowball Warfare

Outdoor Winter Snow Games

Survival Kits, Winter Safety,

Making Winter Camp

21 Sled, Sleigh & Ice Boat Plans

Skate Sails (Skater's Wings)

Ice Fishing, Snow Houses
Snow Sculpture and Statuary, On the Ice

Cold Weather Camping

How to Make Snowshoes, How to Make Moccasins

Permanent Winter Camps & Shelters



Traditional "Old School" Scouting

bulletBaden-Powell's Boy Scout Program

Ernest Seton's Handbook
The Birch Bark Roll


Dan Beard's Handbook 
The Boy Pioneers: 

The Sons of Daniel Boone

from Dan Beard's Autobiography. 



Discover the "Real" Patrol Method


Roland Philipps' Patrol System


B-P's Canadian Patrol System


John Thurman's PLC:  The Court of Honor

bulletGilwell Patrol Leader Training
bulletGreen Bar Bill's Intensive PL Training 
bulletScout & Patrol Yells  
bulletSilent Scout Signals
bulletPatrol Competitions
bulletPatrol Leader's Creed
bulletPatrol Activities for Troop Meetings
bulletMaster & Commander as Patrol Leader Training Movie




aims.gif (3376 bytes)Adult Association

bulletA History of Adult Methods.
bulletRecruiting in Your Local Schools
bulletTraditional Adult Training
bulletDealing with Homesickness
and Parents at Camp





bduwaist_small.jpg (1735 bytes) Uniforms

bulletActivity Pants: BDU vs. Nylon Zip-Off
bulletHow to Wear the Neckerchief
bulletShould Hats be Worn Indoors?
bulletBaden-Powell's Uniform
bulletbeard1.jpg (112057 bytes)Mystery Dan Beard Patch Symbols
bulletshirt.jpg (10266 bytes)How to Make Authentic B-P Uniforms




First Class Journey


Outdoor Skills Instruction Games


Tenderfoot-First Class Skills Games

bulletRank Advancement Court of Honor Ceremonies
bulletInvestiture Ceremonies
bulletProgram Worksheets
bulletTraditional Otter and Timber Wolf programs




C_creed30.gif (7804 bytes)Ideals

bulletScout Spirit Scavenger Hunt
     A Scoutmaster Conference Worksheet (See Introduction)
bulletA Scout is Reverent: A Guide to the Faiths of Other Scouts
bulletLearning Scout Law
bulletThe Order of Nature by Baden Powell
bulletA History of Scout Law Explanations
bulletWhat is a Boy Scout?
bulletOf Wooden Beads & Nature Knowledge
bulletWhen Others Say "God" .
bulletScoutmaster Benediction
bulletWho said "Scouting is a Game with a Purpose"?



Leadership Development

bulletThe "Science" of Boy-Leadership
bulletTraditional Wood Badge: Before 1972 Leadership Development





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What More Could A Boy Want?

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